Secrets Of The Female Mind

The female mind can be a baffling mystery that has plagued men for a lifetime.

We want women but our lack of understanding and knowledge on exactly how the female psyche works, can make life quite difficult.

Today there are a couple of discoveries in female psychology that are helping men unlock the mystery to the female mind…

1) Women want to be emotionally swept away, not just impressed.

If you’ve done just about everything to impress a woman, only to find out she just wants to be friends, chances are you failed to make her feel emotion. The male mind will processes language more in terms of facts and outcomes, where the female mind responds more to emotions and empathy. One way to draw her into your world is to share stories in a way that she can experience the story as you tell it. The neurons in her brain will actually generate the same response as if she was right there experiencing it with you.

2) Women rely on you to make them feel comfortable

Women hate awkwardness and they will avoid it at all cost. A woman evaluates how comfortable she is with you from the first moment she spends with you. She uses her comfort level as an indicator on how comfortable you are with yourself. Only when she is comfortable will she be willing to open up emotionally, mentally and physically.

3) Women are just as, if not more, as sexual as men

Yes it’s true… women really do love sex! But the big difference between women and men when it comes to sex besides the obvious is it doesn’t take much to stimulate men sexually however women on the other hand, compartmentalize their sexual thinking. She keeps it in one particular place in her mind which is locked away until the right time or the right key comes along. The great news is, if you bear the key that unlocks that place, the floodgates will open and you will be the one with whom she shares her most intimate thoughts, feelings, and desires with.

4) Women want to be high on your priority list; but not higher than your missions

Women often will throw tests to see where on your priority list they fall. She wants to be higher than most of your activities but second to your mission and direction. This means she will lose her attraction for you if you lose yourself and your backbone in an attempt to please her.

5) Women don’t want you to appear flawless, smooth, or too perfect

While women appreciate a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take the lead, he also must be down to earth and human. She doesn’t want the perfect approach, nor does she want you to be a guy who sleeps with every opportunity you have. She will be however attracted to your desirability to other women and your choice to be with her. This means that she wants a guy who has qualities that are desirable to women, not one who sleeps with every woman who comes along.

Previously, understanding the female mind was like exploring a mysterious area until a recent discovery by a group of sex researchers discovered an easy mind reading tool to find out exactly what she’s thinking using just 3 easy everyday questions.