Does Money Make You More Attractive?

Do you really need Donald Trump’s bank balance or Hugh Hefner’s lavish lifestyle to be attractive? Can the average everyday guy attract a stunning catwalk model into bed?

Buying lavish dinners and flowers and owning an expensive car will definitely help generate interest from the opposite sex. While women are seen as sex objects, men on the other hand can be seen as success objects.

Women, fairly or unfairly are judged on their looks, and men, fairly or unfairly, are judged on their money, their power and their status.

If Mr. Donald Trump was just a dishwasher, it's a safe bet that supermodels would not clamor for the opportunity to be the next Mrs. Trump. But Donald is rich, famous and powerful. This makes him much more appealing than a dishwasher of similar age, build and comb-over!

But can a woman fall deeply in love with a man if she was initially attracted to a man for his money? To show how ridiculous that question is, let me alter it just a bit: Can someone fall in love--really, truly, deeply in love--if he was initially attracted to a woman for her legs?

No one doubts the answer to the second question is "yes." Physical attraction can bring two people together and, if the pair is emotionally compatible, that initial attraction can lead to a lasting love.

Well, the same goes for money. Like nice legs, a fat portfolio can bring two people together, and then, if they're lucky, that initial attraction can lead to a lasting love.

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But to what degree do women prioritize a man's income when she is considering whether or not to go out with him?

Previous research shows that when it comes to short-term dating, both women and men emphasize good looks. But when it comes to long-term dating, women tend to prefer men with a healthy income and high status.

Why should this be?

It harkens back to our evolutionary past, according to Parental Investment Theory. Compared to men, women can only have few children, so they need to ensure that their brood will have enough material resources to survive.

Thus, they look to men who can more easily provide food, safety and protection. In modern terms, this translates into money and status.

So if a young attractive woman falls in love with a rich and powerful older man. Will the love last? Maybe, maybe not. There have been many Mrs. Trumps in this world. People fall out of love for all sorts of reasons; whether it was wealth or looks that brought two people together, there's no guarantee that it will last.

Wealth, however, does have one thing over looks: beauty fades and interest accrues. This works in billionaires' favor, but not, alas, in the supermodels.

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